Ridge Lawn School Remote Learning

Please take a moment to review our District Remote Learning Plan (English Version / Arabic Version) to famiiarize yourselves with the program structure and expectations for all.

For Remote Learning (Online Learning Academy), children will be learning at home with the support of a District Remote Learning Teacher.  Our students will ...

  •  participate in a combination of online lessons and self-paced activities. 
  •  work in synchronous (live with teacher) and asynchronous (self determined pace and time) sessions with teachers and classmates via virtual tools/devices. 
  • be expected to be available for learning sessions throughout the traditional school day of 8:45 AM to 2:25 PM.   Attendance will be taken at the start of the 8:45 school day.
  • follow a structured schedule that will include academic learning, social/emotional learning, special area classes and specialized support services as needed.  Teachers will share the individual schedule with student and families.
  •  be assigned a district grade level teacher that will direct their academic and social learning, as well as special area teachers that will provide remote art, music and physical education classes.  Online Learning Academy students will also participate in weekly special area classes (3 classes of physical education, one music class, and one art class).
  • participate in a minimum of five hours of instruction so there will be time in the schedule for lunch, breaks, etc. similar to what would happen in school. 
  • use Google Classroom will be the platform for all grade levels for posting assignments, learning activities and links for live instruction and meetings.

To help facilitate learning at home we ask that you provide a quiet place for your child to work with access to supplies. 

In order to help your child be ready to learn on his/her Chromebook, please use this Parent Technology Support Packet for assistance for logging on and online expectations.