Mrs. Karoline Burcheri

Seventh Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Karoline Burcheri

I have been teaching here at Finley Junior High School for twelve years. The first four of those years were as a sixth grade Language Arts teacher, four more years were spent teaching as the ELL(English Language Learners) Teacher, one year as the seventh grade Social Studies teacher, two years as a eighth grade Language Arts Teacher, and I am currently in my first year teaching seventh grade Language Arts.

Educational Background

I have obtained a M.A. degree from Concordia University in Curriculum Instruction, my second M.A. degree is also from Concordia University in Educational Administration, my B.A. degree is from Illinois State University in Elementary Education and I also have an A.A. degree from Moraine Valley Community College in General Education. I am certified in Elementary Education (K-9) and Administration. I also hold Middle School Endorsements in Reading, Language Arts, Social Science, and English as a Second Language.

About Me

The best abilities and interests to describe myself are: I’m generous, friendly, and patient. I like to help others and make them feel good. I want to improve my life by taking good steps towards the future and teach my students to do the same. I have taught various subjects and I have taught both native and non-native speakers of the English Language. Throughout the school year, I enjoy improving the student skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. I have noticed that students learn more when they experience what they are learning, also when teachers use different materials to illustrate what they are learning. Overall, I love helping kids learn what they need to be successful.

Reading Workshop

Currently I am implementing the Reading Workshop method in my classroom, a teaching method in which the goal is to explicitly teach students strategies to become more skillful at comprehending text. It involves students in authentic reading experiences that focus on the strengths and needs of each individual student through differentiated instruction. Reading Workshop also emphasizes the importance of student engagement and the interaction between readers and the text.

Other Languages

Along with my love for the English Language, I also am a fluent speaker of the Polish Language.

Mail Location

Finley Junior High