About Ridge Lawn School

Ridge Lawn School first opened its' doors to students in 1965 and over fifty years later, we are still going strong.  Our school has grown and undergone many changes since then.  Our enrollment has increased over time and we now serve over 500 children from Pre-Kindergarten to fifth grade.  Our building underwent extensive construction and expansion in 2004 when we added additional classrooms to accommodate our increasing student body.

When you walk in the doors of our school, you can see  and feel the unique character of our school.  Our dedicated staff strives to provide our students with the best education, with the goal of college and career readiness.  We firmly believe that our families are vital partners in their children's educational journey.  Together, we can help children reach their greatest potential.

Ridge Lawn Principal School Years
Thomas Kostas 1965-1967
Louis Desmet 1967-1980
Bruce Aldrich 1980-1982
Diane Noth 1982-1990
Lori Gloodt 1990-1991
Wendy Connolly 1991-2005
Fran Setaro 2005- Present