Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

In order to ensure student safety for our morning arrival process and afternoon dismissal process, Ridge Lawn School works with the Chicago Ridge and Oak Lawn Police Departments, as well as our insurance carrier, to structure and evaluate our arrival and dismissal procedures.  

Arrival Procedures

  1. For morning arrival, parents that are dropping off their children may enter the west parking lot beginning at 8:00 am.  Cars that arrive prior to 8:00 am will need to line up along eastbound 105th street, along the Chicago Ridge Prairie. 
  2. From 8:00–8:30 am , cars will not be permitted to make a left hand turn into the west parking lot from westbound 105th street.  A traffic sign is posted at the corner of 105th and Menard to indicate this.  This procedure helps to improve the flow of traffic into the parking lot.  Cars going westbound will need to re-route so that they can travel eastbound on 105th in order to make a right hand turn into the lot. 
  3. Staff will be outside to supervise the students as they exit the cars.  Students may enter from any available entrance door.  If they are getting breakfast, they will proceed to the lunchroom to pick up their breakfast and return to the classroom.
  4. We ask that students (and parents) do not walk behind the building to/from the entrance doors.  This area is designated for truck deliveries only.
  5. When exiting the parking lot, all cars are required to turn right.  No left turn signs are posted at the driveway exit.  Please keep in mind that left turns are now not allowed at any time from the parking lot.
  6. Please keep in mind that cars should not be making illegal U-turns (those that impede traffic flow) or use the private parking lots to turn around.  These actions will cause unsafe conditions for pedestrians and other drivers.

Student Drop Off and Entrance Map

If you choose not to use the west parking lot for drop off, please be sure to find legal street parking.  We ask that you do not park in the parking lots of the nearby condo and apartment buildings since that is private property.

Student may enter the building beginning at 8:00 AM.  We ask that students do not arrive on school grounds prior to 8:00 AM since there is no supervision available prior to then. 

Students that arrive after the 8:15 AM tardy bell must enter the school office and receive a tardy slip prior to proceeding to their classroom,

Dismissal Procedures

Students are dismissed at 3:00 PM from their designated dismissal doors. Parents may park in the school's west lot in a designated space or find legal street parking. We ask that you do not park in the private parking lots of the surrounding residences.  Your vehicle may be ticketed or towed since this is not public parking.

We ask that parents supervise their children during both arrival and dismissal to ensure their safety.