2022 - 2023 School Registration Process for Returning Students

For all returning students (Pre K to 8th grade), families will use online registration. Please take a moment to read about the Registration Process.

Parents should have received an email from Teacherease to the email addresses we have on file.  By following the link in the email, parents can set their password and then register their child(ren).  If you do not have access to the Teacherease Parent Portal, please email Ridge Lawn at lawn@crsd1275.org and indicate your child's name, parent's name and email information in order to resend the Teacherease Welcome Email.

Please follow these steps to register.

  1. Go to the Teacherease login.
  2. Once you are logged into the account, select Online Registration.  (This must be done for each student.)
  3. Verify information on the four tabs
    1. Student Information
    2. Family Information
    3. Emergency Contacts
    4. Miscellaneous (This includes the Parent Handbook Signoffs and where you would indicate if you are applying for a waiver).
  4. The last step is to Pay Fees. 
  5. If you selected to apply for a waiver, you would do one of the following:
    1. Read the Waiver Application Directions In English or Arabic.
    2. Print out the Waiver Application.  Complete and submit to District Office, located at 6135 108th Street or via email at District@crsd1275.org (with supporting paperwork) by July 1st  - OR
    3. Complete the Online Waiver Application and email completed form to District@crsd1275.org.  (Please note that you must download the blank application and save it first.  Next, you can type into the application and save it when you are finished.  Then email the completed form to District@crsd1275.org by July 1, 2022.)


2022 - 2023 School Registration Process for New Students

For Kindergarten to 8th grade students that will be new to Chicago Ridge School District 127.5, you will need to schedule an appointment by contacting our District Office at (708) 636-2000.