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Welcome to Mr. Gerk's P.E.web page. Thanks for stopping by. I teach P.E. to students in Kdg through 5th grade at Ridge Central School.  Students have P.E. with me in Central's "big" gym.  Please check your child's classroom special schedule for the days and times they have P.E. 

In Physical Education, I strive to teach your child many skills, activities, and exercises that will lead them to become an active and healthy adult.  I also emphasize sportsmanship and safety in sports and games.  The children in my P.E. classes know:  "If you had fun you won."  This quote hangs on a sign over the gym door, and it is the last thing that students see when they leave my class for the day.  My hope is that the students of Ridge Central leave my class with knowledge of activities and games they can play outside of school.

Since P.E. is a activity based class, it is extremely important that all students come prepared to listen, have fun, work hard, and play.  Gym shoes must be worn to prevent problems with your child's feet such as blisters and other impact type injuries.  Wearing gym shoes also prevents possible injuries to other students that could be caused by wearing heavy boots or shoes that come off easily like sandals or flip flops.  Failure to wear gym shoes will result in a lower grade in P.E.  I also expect students to actively participate in our warmup exercises, games, and activities.  Behavior that negatively impacts the learning environment will result in the loss of participation points for the day. In fourth and fifth grade, students will take tests utilizing our Chrome Books and the Google Forms program.  These tests will cover rules in the sports of volleyball, basketball, and badminton and will be given at different times of the year.  These tests will also cover safety and sportsmanship.  Students will receive study guides with all of the material that they need to know. Study guide links are available on the bottom of the menu on the left side of this page.

Some of the things your child will be learning in P.E. are:

Kdg-2nd Grade:  Circle Games and Many Low Organized Games/ Gross Motor Movements (Skipping, Hopping, Leaping, Sliding,Galloping)/ Bean Bag and Ball Handling Skills/ Baseball/Softball Throwing and Catching with Baseball Gloves/ Batting Tees/ Parachute/ Fitness Stations

3rd Grade:  Fitness Testing/ Soccer/ Newcomb and Volleyball/ Saturn Ball/ Floor Hockey/ Basketball/ Parachute/ Baseball/ Games Unit/ Flag Football/ Fitness Stations

4th and 5th Grade:  Fitness Testing/ Soccer/ Flag Football/ Volleyball/ Ultimate Frisbee/ Saturn Ball/ Baggo/ Floor Hockey/ Basketball/ Juggling/ Softball/ Fitness Stations

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.