Welcome to Primary EL!

We have a lot of fun learning English in Mrs.Webster's EL classroom!  

I service students in K-2 that speak another language in their home.  I do this by collaborating with the classroom teachers and creating lessons that will help our EL students be successful in their classrooms. At Ridge Lawn, we have an EL staff consisting of 6 staff members. We service students in a variety ways including pushing into classrooms as well as pulling students out.  Here is a little information about how students qualify for EL services.  If you have any questions, please free to contact me at (708) 636-2002 x 2309

Identifying EL Students If indicated on the Home Language Survey that the child or someone else in the house speaks another language, the student will be assessed for EL program.
Assessing EL Students If another language is noted on the HL Survey, the student will be assessed using an English Language Proficiency test, either the MODEL or W-APT.
Qualifying for EL Services If the student qualifies for the EL program a letter will be sent home to the parents.  Services will start after the letter is sent home.

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