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Welcome Back!

Welcome back!  We have an exciting year ahead of us!  This year, we will continue to implement the workshop model in ELA.  Reading will consist of the Launch, Fiction, and Non-Fiction units.  We will also read a few novels as a class.  Cooperative groups, partner work and independent reading will be a focus this year in my classroom.  Students will have three book talks, one each trimester, and a book report that will be due in September. In Writing, we will start with "How Writers Work".  Then, we will move to Argumentative Writing, Research, and a Multi-Genre Memoir.  Students will have a writing notebook and work on the writing process; immersion, generating, selecting and collecting.  

Where to find me?  If I am not in my room (416), you will most likely find me in the gym.  I am the girl's volleyball coach as well as the 6th and 7th grade girl's basketball coach here at Finley.  I also co-sponsor Student Council, run intramurals and chaperone games in the Winter.  
In my free time I enjoy going to the gym.  I also love shopping for sales and hanging out with friends.    I also enjoy spending time with my cats, Frankie and Parker.  They love to cuddle!
Check me out on Twitter! @FJHS81, @fjh_stuco, @VbFinley, @Basketba1Finley