physical education

Welcome to Mr. Navas’ physical education webpage.  I teach P.E. to students in kindergarten through 5th at Ridge Lawn elementary..

Three times a week,  students will be in physical education for 35 minutes.  My goal is to teach the student’s basic skills, teamwork, and activities/exercises to keep them healthy.  Students need to come to P.E. ready to learn with the proper clothing and gym shoes.

DRESS - Proper clothing for physical activity should be worn on Physical Education days.  Students will not be able to participate in class unless they have appropriate gym shoes.

MEDICAL CONCERNS - Students who are not able to participate in class due to a medical reason must bring a note from home.  In case of a serious illness, a note from the doctor must be given to the school nurse.  The student must be given a written release from the doctor to be permitted back into class.

GRADING POLICY - Grades are assigned based on student behaviors, participation and attitudes in class. Students will also be assessed on developmentally appropriate age skills for physical education. Students will be graded each quarter on Illinois state learning standards for Physical Education.