5th Grade Homework and Behavior Code of Conduct

Mrs. Lisa Hammond

5th Grade Teacher

Homework Expectations:  

Homework is expected to be completed neatly and turned in on time. Students not completing assignments will be given a Homework Notice and expected to complete the assignment that evening. Please return the signed notice the next day. It is the only indication we have that you are aware of your child’s missing work.

Students should have their homework assignment book every evening. Homework expectations can be verified by calling the Homework Hotline at:  636-2001. The Chicago Ridge Library has a copy of all student textbooks and workbooks. Should a student forget these items in school, they will be expected to go to the library to use or copy the necessary materials.

Behavior Expectations:

  1. Arrive on time with all your materials.
  2. Follow the directions the first time they are given.
  3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  4. No teasing or name calling.
  5. Stay focused during all instructional activities.

When students do not meet classroom expectations in the area of behavior and/or homework completion, the teacher will determine the course of action that will be executed.  The teacher will make their decision on a case by case situation and use his/her professional judgment on what will be an appropriate course of action.  The possible actions that the teacher can decide that may take place include, but are not limited to are:

  • Homework/behavior notice

  • Time-out from a classroom activity

  • Detention (recess/extended)

  • Loss of grade level/school-wide activity

  • Misconduct