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Your child will write a homework assignment in his or her assignment notebook each day. Usually, your child will receive reading, math and phonics words as homework each day.  After your child completes his or her homework, please review the work and ask your child to make corrections, if necessary. Once homework has been completed, please sign your name in the Parent Signature box at the bottom of the assignment notebook page. As a last step, always make sure your child's work is placed inside the homework folder, and put the folder and assignment notebook inside the backpack.This routine will help ensure that your child is prepared for class the next morning. 

Each day, your child should read at home for about 10-20 minutes or more. (I understand that some evenings at home are busier than others, so reading can be practiced during any five evenings out of the seven during the week.) Sometimes your child should read silently, and other times he or she should read aloud to you. Encourage your child to make predictions, discuss what is happening in the story, and share background knowledge and experiences to build understanding. Please continue to read aloud to your child as well because you are modeling fluent, expressive reading which conveys what reading for pleasure is all about.  Research shows that rereading is a key strategy for building fluency and confidence.

Every Friday, your child will receive a Fundations word list for the upcoming week. This will allow your child enough time to become familiar with the meanings of any new words and practice how to spell each word. As your child says the word, listen for the correct pronunciation of the word, and ask your child to write the word.  After your child practices reading and spelling the words on the list, please ask him or her to use each word in a sentence as a way to check for understanding of word meaning. Discuss the letter patterns within the words and explain multiple-meaning words as needed.

The children are expected to practice their basic addition and subtraction facts two or three times a week. Math facts can be practiced using flash cards or by playing learning games online.  The children can find many interactive websites to support their math and reading skills at our school's Great Websites for Students. The Great Websites link can be accessed online from our school district's website www.crsd1275.org. Click on Schools (listed on the navigation bar), click Ridge Central School (on the drop-down menu); click Student Resources (located on the sidebar); and click the blue tab called Great Websites for Students. RAZ Kids reading, EPIC Books, Prodigy Math Game, BrainPop and Sumdog are just a few of the engaging, educational websites your child may want to explore.


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Missing Homework

Missing homework is homework that is not returned to class on the due date. This includes homework that has been completed but left at home. Please encourage your child to be responsible and help your child be successful by reminding him or her that homework should be completed and returned on time.  We want students to be successful.  At the end of each month, we celebrate good character traits with a Character Counts Plus! fun activity.

Thank you for teaching your child to be responsible and supporting your child's learning!