Each student has a Google account through Finley Jr. High School.   All homework assignments will be available on their google account. Students will be given a hard copy in the classroom.   This will be a way to access the work from home if they have misplaced it.  If students cannot access the Google classroom they can email me, or talk to me in class and I will help add the classroom to their account.  


Currently I am co teaching in 7th English Language Arts class with Mrs. Burcheri.  In the 8th grade I co teach with Ms. Bonk in English Language Arts and Mrs. Mladek in Math.  


Websites Links

  1. Each student has access to their textbook online. They can use this site to have an electronic copy of their textbook. This book is for 7th and 8th grade students.
  2. Here is a site for current events or news. On this site you can change the reading level of each article.
  3. This website is for parents and teachers. You can view students grades in all their classrooms, report cards, behavior logs, and contact teachers. If you don't have an account contact Finley Jr. High main office.